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Quality & Safety

Strings Universal has been manufacturing natural health products and supplements, and quality has always been a cornerstone of our company.

We manufacture products that consumers ingest and apply topically, and we’re keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with producing these types of products. You and your family have placed your trust, and your health, in our hands, and we take both very seriously.

Our promise to you is to take every possible step to ensure the safety and efficacy of every product we produce, now and always. Your satisfaction and trust are what we strive for every day.

Our mission as a company is to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives, and we fulfill this mission by consistently producing premium quality natural products that complement any healthy lifestyle.



After I open a product, how long will it retain its labeled potency?

Strings Universal products include an expiration date, which assures that, provided the product has been kept at or below room temperature (72 degrees F) and in a dry environment, it will retain its labeled potency at least to the expiration date.


Products labeled as "keep refrigerated" should be kept so throughout the life of the product and should be refrigerated immediately after opening. For some products, several days without refrigeration may not affect them much, but longer periods will. For other products, refrigeration ensures that the product is kept in a low humidity environment rather than a low temperature environment. Refrigeration is advised to extend the shelf life of many products, especially fish oils, nutritional oils, almond oil, and probiotics, to name a few.


Any freshness packets and inserts should be left in the bottle until product has been completely used. This helps prevent oxidation and keeps the product fresher for a longer period of time. Discard any packets and inserts prior to recycling any packaging.



What are the packaging in dietary supplement bottles?

These packets are used to absorb excess moisture, oxygen or odor within the bottle, and extend the shelf life of the product and to protect many of our products from degradation



Why are there color variations in some of your products?

Color variation occurs with most natural products, and can occur for a variety of reasons including the product’s country of origin, the condition of the soil where the product was grown, enzyme activity, moisture content, heat, and oxidation. Products containing a combination of ingredients are typically more prone to color variation. This is completely normal and does not affect product quality in any way.



Why are trademark names displayed on Strings Universal product labels for some ingredients?

At SU we always seek only the highest quality ingredients for our products. Trademarked ingredients indicate that proprietary methods are used in their formulation, methods that generally increase the product’s quality and value to consumers. Trademarked ingredients also tend to have a higher degree of scientific backing than non-trademarked ingredients, since the trademark owners often perform additional standardization and frequently submit their material for use in scientific studies.  Consumers may contact the trademarked ingredient manufacturers for more information.



Where do you obtain the gelatin used in your hard caps?

SU offers a growing number of supplements in vegetable capsules (Veg Caps), which are made from plant cellulose or polysaccharides.